The Departure Lounge…

The scourge of international air travel.

So here I am!  I’m all checked in, my bag is in the hands of Birmingham International Airport’s finest baggage handlers, and I’m waiting for my gate to open, so I thought I’d write a few words to kill time.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m about to fly to Las Vegas for one of the biggest conferences in the lighting and live event industry, LDI.  A while back, on a whim, I applied for a scholarship with a company called ETC to go to LDI. Then, towards the back end of the fringe, I got an email telling me that I’d been selected on the basis of my application  to recieve a scholarship, paying for me to go to LDI.  I couldn’t believe it at first, I almost didn’t want to.  For me to be selected on the basis of my application seemed just too far-fetched.  I replied with a rather sheepish email, thanking them and basically asking them, were they sure?

Turns out they did mean me, and after a rather lengthy email exchange with a lovely lady called Pam, I had a selection of flight itineraries, hotel reservations and seminar registrations to prove it.  They even asked for a bio!

And now I’m sat at the airport, killing time.  I still can’t fully believe this is happening, it seems so big and fantastic and exciting to be real.  This time last year, I never would have dreamed that I’d have worked for ROBE at PLASA, and then gone to LDI courtesy of ETC.  I’m so nervous, I almost feel unwell, and I still feel like a bit of an imposter in all this, but I know I just need to take it one step at a time, and be confident in what I’ve achieved.  And hope my room isn’t too badly trashed by my housemates when I get back.

And so we go…