Well that’s day 2 of shows done and dusted. Already I feel like we’re getting nicely into the swing of things, but we can’t get comfortable as a lot of our turnarounds are very tight. It’s stressful at times, and horrendously tiring, but when you open the house and you see the punters walking in, oohing and aahing, the pressure and the stress all melt away, and it’s replaced with the immense sense of pride that I helped create this moment.

It’s that moment that I love about working in my industry. Ever since I started doing tech more professionally, I’ve always had this rush. Before any job starts, I sit at my position and do mental checklists, double, even triple checking obvious things, just saying to myself ‘Dave, if you’ve ever been brilliant, please let it be now.’ Then I get clearance and I hit Go for the first cue, the opening music blares, the audience cheer and roar. The cues become almost instinctive, I’m feeling out the cues, working with the music and the on stage talent silently, and in that perfect, sacred, crystallising moment, everything clicks, the cues are flawless, the whole of the lighting rig sings to your tune, and time almost slows down, like you could live in this moment. This is my moment. Nobody else’s. I created it, I worked hard to make it happen, it’s mine and nobody will take it from me. It’s that perfect moment that I chase. It’s that perfect moment that motivates me through horrific 20 hour days. It’s that moment, which I live for.

Our regular shows are all teched and running nicely, I’m seriously looking forward to our evening program. But until then, I am tired and I must sleep. Goodnight lovelies <3